Product list

AGRICULTURE Machinery, Seeds , Pesticides, Insecticides
AIR PURIFIER Air Purifiers for Homes , Industries & Cars.
AUTOMOBILE Air conditioning & Control Panels ,Electronic Throtal Padels , Automobile parts : Disk Gears, Shaft Gears, Gearshift assemblies, differential housing and assemblies and other components in the gearbox of vehicle Automobiles Body Parts , TPMS Systems,MP3,MP5,Black Box,remote keys
BUILDING /CONSTRUCTION / ARCHITECT Amusement Park Equipments , Low cost housing ,Building material (chemical free), metal material, hardware and electric material and decorative material
CAR Car accessories and parts
CABLES Accessories upto 35kV high & low voltage switchgears,Power cable, controlling cable, aerial insulated cable upto 1kV, lightening arresters and insulators upto 35kV and insultation piercing connectors upto 10kV High speed mobile flex cables, power transmission cables, control shielded cable, DCS system etc.
CERMAIC Ceramic tiles
CHEMICAL Fatty Acid like Oleic Acid, a variety of Flora and Fauna Fatty acid, Industrial, Pharma and construction chemical , Textile & Leather chemical Adhesive , additives
CONTROL PANEL Metering Box, and stainless steel power distribution box and cabinet, PLC automatic control equipment and frequency conversion control equipment. High & Low power distribution cabinet, harmonic cabinet, and smart cabinet, the assembly, trial and repair , remanufacture of electrical system
COSMETIC Facial Mask, Moisturizer, Lotion, Ampoul & Hydrosol
E Rickshaw E Rickshaw Battery, components , Body parts,, accessories Spare parts, wires
ELECTRICAL Electric Blankets, Electric & Linear Actuators ,Scooters, Electric Vehicle Power System and their components, testing equipments
ELEVATOR Lifts for Homes, Malls & Multi Stories
FABRIC & LACE Medium and high grade
FANS High-grade ceiling fans, clip fans, table fans with top quality materials
FERRITE High Frequency and low loss NiZn ferrite materials, EMI ferrite toroidal cores, broadband RF ferrite toroidal cores, high frequency NiZn ferrite materials and cores
FITNESS Equipment and accessories
FOOD/ BEVRAGES Bakery items , Packed food , Dry Fruit processing, materials , machine and tools
FOOTWEAR Leather, plastic footwear ( MEN, WOMEN, KIDS), Sports shoes
GALAVNISED Iron wire: black iron wire, cold-drawn wire, etc.
HOME FURNISHING Nightwear, decorative, Designer Blankets, bad sheets
LED LED bulbs with Censors, lighting integration solutions provider, Lights
MACHINE & TOOLS Medical, Agriculture, Automobile, Printing, Food processing, Industrial, Mining , Construction , Industrial Heavy Machine
MARINE Machine , tools & equipments
METAL Brass, stainless steels, aluminium, alloy, iron , manganese, high chromium cast iron, high temp. resistance and hard-wearing alloy steel, carbon alloy steel and other wear-resistant castings within five tons and other material , Magnet
MINING Single/Multi cylinder explosion-proof diesel engine series and explosion proof trackless rubber-tyre locomotive series
OIL Cooking oil, Engine Oil
PANELS Decorative Panels , Wall Finish
PAINTS Interior and Exterior paints,
PLASTIC Mould and products , PVC pipes
PLUMBING Plumbing Equipment : Heat Engineering, Gas Line & Pipeline, water-supply engineering
ROAD / HIGHWAY Construction , material , equipment
SHIP Ship building
SANITARY Sanitary Napkins/baby Diapers/Wet tissues & wipes,
SMART METERS Smart Electric Meter Co./ Single Phase+3 Phase , GPS Controlled Smart Water Meters for homes, Industries & Distribution Lines GPS Controlled.
SOLAR Home and Industry appliances, LED Lights, Panels
SPICES Everyday cooking seasonings, hotpot condiments, canned foods and barbecue seasonings
TOY Plastic, wood, Metal Toys
TRANSFORME Big & Small Transformers
VALVES medium and low-end valves and valve castings
VAULTS/ SAFES For Home, Hotels & Industries- anti-burgalary safe, intelligent anti-trailing interlocking door, vault door, combines type vault house and other safety equipment.
VINEGAR / WINE Jujube Wine/Jujube Vinegar drinks