Our Partner

United association of India is apex premier and foremost non-profit trade promotion organization based in India with MOU partners and representatives spread across globe. we invests heavily in industry services, education and training, industry promotion, market researches etc. 

United Asia prominent trade association promoting growth in communications, manufacturing trade sector through Legislative and Regulatory Advocacy, Research, Exhibitions, Trade shows, Conferences and Seminars, Technology events, Buyer sellers meets, B2B meetings, promotion and fostering business and strategic relationships. 

United Asia the only trade organization bringing in focuses harmony in between manufacturing across all sectors including ICT, Communications and Environmental Management policies. 

United Asia assists in promotion of technology innovations, manufacturing and communications sector and for policies concerning environmental, pollution and health. 

United Asia, a professional registered association, has become extremely pro-active, forward looking and effective catalyst between the Government, industry and the consumers at large. CMAI has been successful in influencing the Government in shaping India's economic, trade, fiscal and social policies which will be of benefit to the country as a whole and the trade and industry in particular. 

United Asia caters services to various constituents comprising multinational companies, top corporate, medium and small scale units representing and striving hard to create a conducive environment for the businesses to compete globally. It assists manufacturers to maximize competitiveness on the domestic and international markets.

The idea is

  • To set up GLOBAL MUTUAL TRADE ALLIANCE (GMTA) and invite companies and Business Associations to join hands in creating a prosperous trade platform with sufficient qualified products providers
  • Create a new trading mode of group purchase and large-scale purchase which could help solve the trade barriers and problems during International trade

           a)    Work together to set one online exhibition platform

           b)    Investigate and review enterprises for their credibility, reputation and products quality and price and select qualified enterprises for mutual trade

           c)     Organize buyers and sellers among the designated enterprises in group and in large scale.

           d)    Organize exhibitions and buyer – seller meetings.

           e)    Hold barter meetings together for unsold stock.

Establish jointly the exhibition centre for Member companies and associations. The exhibition centre will serve as a window of displaying products and a place of group purchase as well as a centre for both domestic and abroad government purchase

We have been in bilateral trade relationship since 2001, with many of the Chinese, Korean and Taiwanese industrial and business associations.

In the year 2001, we were the first ones to publish the China Trade Directory to help initiate Indian and Chinese companies to collaborate and since then we have been actively working with Chinese companies.

We have helped many Indian and Chinese companies establish business relations, among the notable are BHEL, TBEA, TIENS etc.

We represent Rothwell in India (www.rothwell.com.cn) for their marketing of automotive electronics which will culminate into a (or more) manufacturing units in India. We have tied up with some of the major automotive/ vehicle manufacturers in India for this.

We have also helped over two dozen Indian companies establish business with Chinese / Korean companies, which includes trading, investments and skd manufacturing; however, we are constrained to share names due to our legal bindings.

We are actively working with various provinces of China on government level, for them to explore business opportunities in India and promote companies from their provinces.

We work on bilateral business relationship and have associated offices with many business associations in China in Beijing, Xiamen, Chengde, Shanxi, Jiangsu, Yangzhou, Yiwu, Suzhou, Xizhou, Kunshan, Zhejiang and Taizhou where most of the Chinese industries and manufacturing units are located.

We are working with some Indian state governments in setting up Industrial park for foreign companies to establish manufacturing and trading in association with Indian companies.

United Asia is associated with the India, foreign relationship. It compromises of joint venture and d B2B facility.